Minecraft Whac-a-Block Game

Minecraft Whac-a-Block Game

What you will make

The game you are going to create, using the RaspberryPi, is called "Whac-a-Block", inspired by the original arcade game "Whac-a-Mole". The objective of the game is to whack (or hit with a sword) the blocks that light up as glowstone, and turn them back to stone.

What you will learn

By making a "Whac-a-block" game in Minecraft you will learn:
◾ How to interact with the Minecraft world using the Python API
◾ How to set blocks using x, y and z coordinates
◾ How to access IDs of particular blocks available in the world
◾ How to use the random module to generate random numbers
◾ How to use for and while loops and if statements effectively




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