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What will you do with your RaspberryPi? Maybe you are just starting out and will create projects listed on the RaspberryPi site or from your school. Or maybe you will develop a new software project or configure a VPN server to watch Hulu in Santiago. Whatever you chose, it will be a great learning experience and lots of fun...

Raspberry Pi Laptop Project

Before being acquired by Google, then Lenovo, Motorola was going to try something new. Somewhere in a board room, someone said, “What if we made a mediocre cell phone that could double as a crappy laptop?” To which another board member replied, “Well, only if the laptop is really, really crappy. And doesn’t run the same operating system as the phone. Neither of which will ever get any software updates. It needs to be disjointed.”

And so was born, the Motorola Atrix cell phone and Motorola Atrix dock. They were, surprisingly, not market success stories, and many of the docks found their way to eBay. Fortunately, the dock itself was little more than a screen, a keyboard, and a battery with a combined USB+HDMI connection in the back. As it turns out (and this is really a wonderful coincidence), the Pi also uses USB and HDMI. Unfortunately, the dock used MiniUSB and did power over HDMI instead of USB. So you have to get a USB Mini to USB to USB micro cable, then splice the power cable out of the HDMA port and into the USB one. That’s about it, really. The biggest hassle is grinding down the connectors to fit next to each other.

Additionally, if you have one of the next-generation Pis, apparently the power isn’t an issue and you can just wire them up directly! For maximum laptoppy power, you also need a wifi dongle, because the dock doesn’t add wifi. But, it will charge your Pi, so you have a fully portable solution.




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