Getting Started With Mathematica

Getting Started With Mathematica

What you will do

In this resource you will be introduced to Mathematica and the Wolfram language, which are available for free on the RaspberryPi.

Mathematica is a computational programming tool used in science, maths, computing and engineering. It was first released in 1988. It is proprietary software that you can use for free on the RaspberryPi and has been bundled with Raspbian and NOOBS since late 2013. Mathematica is generally used for coding projects at university level and above.

What you will learn

By following the Getting Started with Mathematica worksheet, you will learn:
◾ How to launch the Mathematica notebook and run commands
◾ How to use variables
◾ How to use symbolic values for irrational numbers like Pi
◾ How to use lists, ranges, tables and loops
◾ How to use and and search for built-in functions
◾ How to save a Wolfram script and run it from the command line
◾ How to perform list operations
◾ How to use Matrices
◾ How to plot in 3D
◾ How to access GPIO pins and the camera module




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