Getting Started With Sonic Pi 2

Getting Started With Sonic Pi 2

What you will do

Sonic Pi 2 is an open-source programming environment, designed for creating new sounds with code in a live coding environment; it was developed by Dr Sam Aaron at the University of Cambridge. He uses the software to perform live with his band. This resource will help get you started with the basics of Sonic Pi v2.0 so that you can code your own music.

What you will learn

By following this Sonic Pi tutorial on your RaspberryPi you will learn:
◾ To make sounds by typing text into Sonic Pi
◾ To loop a tune so that it repeats
◾ What MIDI note numbers are and how to convert them to music notes
◾ How to change the sounds by using different synths and samples
◾ How to play two tunes at the same time using threads
◾ To perform with Sonic Pi by live coding
◾ How to add effects and use parameters to change the way notes sound
◾ How to use randomisation within a composition.




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