Infrared Bird Box

Infrared Bird Box

What you will make

In this resource you will make an infrared bird box. This project will not only teach you about electronics and programming, but can also help support the bird population in your area. Having a camera inside a nesting box can be tremendously rewarding; however, with the RaspberryPi you can also share the nesting box with the world by streaming the video content to the internet. Watch as your birds gain their own internet following!

What you will learn

By creating an infrared bird box you will learn:
◾ How to set up up a RaspberryPi with an infrared camera module
◾ How to connect an infrared LED to a RaspberryPi
◾ How to adjust the camera focus on a RaspberryPi camera module
◾ How to control the camera and LED to see what is happening inside the bird box




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