Morse Code Virtual Radio

Morse Code Virtual Radio

What you will make

In this resource you will connect a Morse tapper key to the RaspberryPi GPIO pins and write code to play tones when you hold the key down. You will also decode the Morse that you're keying so that it comes up on the screen.

What you will learn

By creating a Morse code virtual radio with your RaspberryPi you will:
◾ Understand what Morse Code is
◾ Understand how Morse was used for communication
◾ Understand how to send and receive Morse
◾ Understand a pull up circuit
◾ Understand a pull down circuit
◾ Understand multithreading
◾ Gain experience in Python programming
◾ Gain experience using the RaspberryPi GPIO pins
◾ Gain experience in multithreaded programming




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