Fart Detector

Fart Detector

What you will make

All kids understand that farts are funny. As we grow older, some of us lose our sense of humour in this area. You'll be glad to hear that we believe that building a real working fart detector has both educational and comedic value. If you have a relative or dog who frequently likes to stink up the family home, you'll be able to provide the advance warning necessary to evacuate the room.

What you will learn

By building a working fart detector with your RaspberryPi you will:
◾ Understand the difference between analogue and digital
◾ Understand binary counting
◾ Understand voltage, current and resistance
◾ Understand how an air quality sensor works
◾ Understand fart potency
◾ Make a rudimentary DAC (digital to analogue converter)
◾ Gain experience in Python programming
◾ Gain experience using the RaspberryPi GPIO pins




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