Parent Detector

Parent Detector

What you will make

Use a RaspberryPi to detect who has been in your room! A RaspberryPi is so small that it can easily be hidden, making it ideal for secretly detecting unwanted visitors to your bedroom (like parents).

In this tutorial you will make a parent detector that uses motion detection to trigger video recording via the RaspberryPi Camera Board. You can then leave the Pi hidden in your room and see who's been caught on camera when you get home from school.

What you will learn

By creating a parent detector with your RaspberryPi you will learn:
◾ How to set up and use a RaspberryPi camera module
◾ How to take pictures with the camera with Python by following importing the correct libraries and following a sequence of instructions
◾ How to set up and use a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor for the first time using a while true loop in Python
◾ How to use variables to store information within your Python code to make it more efficent and easier to read
◾ How to add code to your Python program to detect movement, trigger the camera to record, and store the video file using functions
◾ How to play back any recorded videos from the command line




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