Update NOOBS or microSD Boot Card

You will need to update your microSD card. They are delivered with a standard base version and this will need to be updated before you start using it.

1. ssh into the server

2. If this a working microSD card and you have files and data on the chip, you will want to make a backup of the card before proceeding to step #3. If this is a new microSD card, you can proceed to step #3. If there are issues, you will not loose any data because it is a new chip and it can be re-imaged.

3. Execute the following:
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

4. If this is the very first boot, you will need to complete "raspi-config"
$ sudo raspi-config
Note: Make any changes, then Tab to Finish, press Return

5. Restart the server
$ sudo reboot

6. ssh into the server and confirm the server is working as expected




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