The RaspberryPi linux server can make a great learning tool for your classroom. They are inexpensive and have pre-packaged projects that you can use with your students. You can use one RaspberryPi per student, or if budgeting is an issue, say have two RaspberryPi: one for a development server and one for projects. The development server can be accessed by your whole class using a shell. Google has developed a coders program that your students can use.

The cost is very low per server. Keep in mind there will be additional costs for projects. Also, you will need to purchase a microSD card that contains the OS and boot code. These can be purchased at your local electronics store and configured per your requirements. You can also purchase pre-configured microSD cards. It is recommended to start with a pre-configured 8GB NOOBS microSD card.

You may already be an experienced user of the RaspberryPi system. If you are new to this system, it is nice to have some experience using linux servers and programming languages. If not, do not worry as they have made the system very user friendly and easy to work with. So just jump in...




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