The RaspberryPi motherboard, combined with a case, power supply and microSD boot chip, will provide you with your own personal linux server. This will allow you to create projects as listed on the RaspberryPi site or you can develop your own web site (using Apache, MySQL and your choice of a programming language). If you choose to develop software and are new to software development, you can use the W3Schools site for a free tutorial on html, css style sheets, java script, SQL and the php programming language. The W3Schools site uses php as it's development language. W3Schools rock...

To access the RaspberryPi, you will use a shell (ssh, PuTTY, etc). You can download PuTTY and install on your laptop for free. Once installed, open PuTTY and follow the instructions to connect to your RaspberryPi.

Also, it will be wise to learn some basic unix commands so you can work with the unix command line interface. You do not have to become a Systems Administrator, but just learn a handful of commands.




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