With the introduction of the Model B motherboard, this has become a real developers system. It has quad-core CPU's and 1GB of system memory. The Model B motherboard, combined with the full Raspbian linux distribution, is great to work on...

The Boinc project was installed to test performance. There is no degradation while working on projects. The Boinc projects (milkway, seti and einstein) have all 4 CPU's cranking away! The operating temperature is around 65c (well under the default temp_limit of 85c)

$ /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp

Example of supported programming languages:
python, java, php, ruby, c
[not a complete list]

While python, java, ruby and c are already installed, php needed to be loaded. Once the OS is updated with the current release, Apache, MySQL and php were then installed along with a mail server.

At a minimum, you will need to purchase a motherboard, case, power supply and a boot microSD card. The motherboard uses microSD cards to boot from. To start out, it is recommended to purchase a pre-configured NOOBS (new out of box software) microSD card. Your system will boot from this. Later on, you can build your own boot microSD chips with other OS distributions. At this time, the Raspbian linux distribution is recommended.

Last, because this is from an educational foundation, you can help out by donating one complete system to your favorite local school. The kids will thank you...




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